Sorry we have been quiet of late.

Having a little one and with the passing of one of our parents we have not had a lot of time to go out investigating.

This has lead some people to believe we are fakes and frauds... I really don't have the time to deal with those type of people.

If you know us then you know we are genuine. One person because we could not meet them to review their video of a demon, due to a funeral, they branded us fakes and told us their video was worth big $$$$$, said we were frauds, blah blah blah it made them look very stupid and disrespectful towards us as team grieving for the loss of a loved one.

Once I said I would make the abusive emails PUBLIC if they did not stop, I didn't hear from them again.

This experience made me re think people and their selfishness in this field.

We don't get paid, this is something we do because we like to, to help people.

People who think their evidence is precious fame and $$$$ ...

We are not interested in fame and fortune so do not approach us if this is what YOU are after.

We rarely conduct private cases anymore, but can refer you to some good teams out there.

We still have an email [email protected] or contact us via Facebook.

Also we will be attending ghost tours and reviewing them and still getting out there in te field.

So while we are a bit quiet at the moment, we are still planning things for this year.

Hope to see you all around soon.

S.S.S Team.

Dark Escape 4D Video Arcade Game. 

This game caught my attention straight away, as I have a fascination with Zombies and the such.
Cabinet design is awesome indeed, making it inviting to play. 

I sat inside and put on the Anti-Bacterial coated 3D glasses, ready to play.

So the story is you try to escape from a mad man's sick and twisted game
by shooting your way out with weapons that he provides. Experimental creatures and the undead leap from the game cabinet's 46" high definition screen.

Panic sensors display my heart rate on the screen and records every panic attack.

My heart rate was going up, fast! 

You don't just see the monsters, BUT YOU FEEL THEM TOO
With built~in Air Blowers in both the front and back, 
You feel the breath of a chasing zombie on the back of your neck or a blast of air on your face when a monster lunges at you!

After starting the game, all seemed fine, until all of a sudden a Zombie Lunges at me, the seat vibrates, surround sound and air blows, I CRAP myself haha!

Zombies / Monsters jump out from no where, scaring the bejesus out of you!
Heart rate climbs as you fear when the next one will attack you. 

This game is pretty amazing. 

It does provide an adrenalin rush that's for sure, I think it's more the fear of not knowing and the combination of surround sound/ air/ vibration that make it fantastic gameplay.

I rate the following:

Sound: 9/10

Vibration/ air: 9/10

Gameplay: 8/10

Panic Monitor: 9/10

I loved playing this game and would definitely play again and recommend it to any Zombie fans out there. 

Watch the Official Trailer here:


Hey all, so it's been a while since I last wrote.

I should get into the habit of blogging but it doesn't seem to happen lol

Coming up at the end of August we have a lantern ghost tour of the Australian Arms Inn.

Also before the end of the year a return trip to a forgotten cemetery.

Will update as more things come along.

Please email ua or comment with any places or ideas you have.

Thanks everyone for all the support.

Well our Goublurn road trip went quite well.
Despite having a broken toe, we still managed to see alot of the area and surrounds.
Our first stop was Colo Vale, where we saw the dis-used railway station.
It was early morning and the sun was trying to warm up the icy wind.

Next stop was the historic Marulan Town. Such a beautiful little town, with so much history and buildings still standing.
The historic walk along the main road is full of information..
After the kids played in the park (Ash and Mickey) we continued our jounrney to the next stop before Goulburn.

Towrang was the last stop before hitting Goublurn.
We walked to the convict built bridge, and took in the area and rested a little bit.

Finally we arrived in Goulburn.
Michael and Ash went to talk with Gordon from the Historical Society, and we went to check into our room, which happened to be up 4 flights of stairs and took me ages  to get up.

After a short break we headed to some sights of Goulburn and up to the War Memorial lookout. Visited a few cemeteries on sunset and then off to dinner.
Dinner was at Goulburn Chinese Restaurant, which had the best food!
It was freezing, the winds were Icy, so after dinner we headed back to our rooms to wind down for the next days activities.  Lucky the beds had electric blankets!!!!

Highlights were Michael and Ash having to crawl through a window to smoke on the balcony.
The footsteps heard, the doors randomly opening, the feeling of someone sitting on the bed.

Tonight was the Investigation hosted by ACOM with special guests GHOZT CREW.
Located at Cammpbelltown Theatre, we split into groups and were allowed to explore the theatre, the thing I liked the most is we were told nothing about the building or history of the place.

We experienced connections with a male spirit, also the spirits of children.
Objects were moved, and sensations were felt through out the night.
Meduims connected, and worked together.
Ghozt Crew were great, they showed us some of the equipment they use and how it all works. 

The Campbelltown Theatre is a beautiful building, it was previously the old fire station.
The land was part of Fred Fishers land, and as the legend goes, Fred was murdered in the area.  His ghost is said to roam the area near where he died.
He ended up being buried in Campbelltown, his grave is unmarked.

Last night we had the pleasure of attending Dinner with Spirit, hosted by the ladies at the Crystal Shop Camden.
What a fantastic night it was, great food, great atmosphere, great friends.
Its always great fun to catch up with South Coast Ghosts! (Meg, Sam, Lou)

The readings the Meduims presented to us,  touched on subjects for most of the group.
 I still find it hard to put certain aspects together, but overall, alot they did say related to something in our lives.

It was a good experience and I would attend another dinner and Recommend it to others.

Highly Recommended for a great night.